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Framed photo of the Emden aground on North Keeling Island dated 1927
Donated by Chaplain C Hudson R.A.N.

Collection of Photographs
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Cable and Wireless Station Staff
The invading shore party from the Emden did not harm the Cable and Wireless Station staff who were unarmed and cooperative. In this photograph members of the staff are photographed under the German Flag.

Cable and Wireless Station Buildings
Cable and Wireless Station buildings with German raiding party and staff members.

German shore party returning to "Emden"
A photo of the Emden's landing party on their way back to the ship, but they didn't make it.

Heading for the schooner Ayesha
Following the end of the battle, the Emden's shore party decided to leave without delay in the schooner Ayesha.

Too late!
By the time boats from the "Sydney" had arrived, the "Emden" shore party had escaped in the schooner Ayesha.

Help for the survivors
One of many trips made to the crippled Emden on North Keeling Island by the crew of the "Sydney" to pick up survivors.

The Sydney
Photo of the Sydney, the victor in the naval battle with the Emden

Defence Force
Following the naval encounter between the Sydney and the Emden, British Troops were sent to Direction Island to defend the installations.

Observing the Battle
Photo of members of German shore party and station staff observing the Emden/Sydney naval battle.

Help for the Emden
Photo of the Sydney lowering a boat to go to the aid of the Emden and pick up survivors .

Wireless mast after visit by "Emden"
The aim of the shore party was to destroy the installations. A photo of their efforts.

Smashed wireless equipment
Further destruction by the Emden's landing party - this time the wireless equipment.

Broken Cables
The Cables were an important communication link. They were cut by the Emden shore party.

Cable and Wireless Station Office
The Office didn't escape destruction as you will see from the photo.

German landing party getting ready to return to the "Emden"
When the Captain of the Emden realized that he had to urgently leave his anchorage off Direction Island because of the approach of the Sydney, he blew the siren to recall the shore party immediately.

German shore party loading supplies
Photo of German shore party from the Emden loading supplies for transport to the schooner, Ayesha.

Emden aground on North Keeling Island
The Captain of the Emden grounded his stricken ship on North Keeling Island at the end of the battle with the Sydney.

Track from jetty to buildings
Photo of the track that needed to be walked to reach the jetty.

The Clunies-Ross Schooner, Ayesha
Photo of the schooner that aided the escape from Direction Island of the German shore party after the Emden was grounded. .

End of the Emden
Photo of Emden aground on North Keeling Island at the end of the battle.

More Memorabilia

Spectator's account of the Emden battle

Newspaper Cutting showing cartoon and part of text

The spectator's account appeared in the Australian Newspaper "The Argus" dated 22nd December 1914. The newspaper cutting was discovered only recently (19th April 2004)in a photo album containing the Emden photos. The text has been re-typed and presented in Portable Document Format (PDF).
(You will need Adobe Reader formerly Acrobat Reader. If needed, it can be downloaded free)

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