Cocos(Keeling)Islands visit in 1971
by John DeShazo in his Yacht, Whiffet


Yacht, Whiffet - Mauritius is in the background

Log of Raw Sextant Observations

Brief explanation of the sextant observations:

At 18:35 Local time, on 5 August 71, a three star fix was obtained using the stars Kent. (Rigel Kentaurus (?)) , Arc. (Arcturus), and Vega.

On 6 August 71, a running fix was kept using the Sun; To the right of the groups of Sun shots are dead reckoning distances from the star fix of the evening before. They are 75 miles at 1100 Local time, 87 miles at 1231 Local time, and 98 miles at 1415 Local time.

Cocos was sighted at 1715 Local Time or 1015 Zulu (Greenwich Time) on 6 August 71.

Original Log