The Cocos (Keeling) Islands
Cable and Wireless Station

Situated on Direction Island in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands, the British Cable and Wireless Station was the target on November 9, 1914, when Captain von Müller of the German Raider, S.M.S.Emden, sent a party ashore to destroy the installations. The cables were cut and the wireless installations destroyed. The staff of the station offered no resistance and were not harmed.

Mr D.A.G. Farrant was in charge of the Cable and Wireless Station.
The following Australians were members at that time:

Mr A.R.Lenthall Mr A.D.Gregory
Mr G.H.K. La Nauze Mr R.A.Gowen
Mr G.A. Redfern Mr A.M. Griffin
Mr J.S. Radford Mr A.E.Gothard
Mr A.L.Reskett Mr C.E.Shields*
Mr J.S. Biggs Mr P. Croft
Mr F.P. Pollock Mr M. Stewart

Photograph of Cable and Wireless Station

cable and wireless station

German landing party from the Emden in front of the Cable and Wireless Station. In the background is a German Officer talking to staff members of the station.

*The above photograph was from a collection of photos belonging to Mr C.E.Shields,
who was a staff member of the station at the time of the attack by the "Emden".
Mr Shields was married to my aunt.

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