Battle Map

Battle Map of an historic naval battle between the SMS Emden and the HMAS Sydney on November 9, 1914 in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands at the beginning of World War 1. The battle lasted about one hour and 40 minutes.

battle map

On November 9, 1914, the Emden entered Port Refuge off Direction Island and at 0600 a shore party set off from the Emden to destroy the installations at the Cable and Wireless Station on the Island. The Wireless Operators at the Station were able to send an SOS before the installations were destroyed by the shore party. The SOS was picked up by an Allied convoy no more than 55 miles away.

At 0915 Captain von Müller of the Emden realised the presence of the Sydney and alerted the shore party to return. It was too late for the shore party, and at 0930 the Emden left quickly to join battle which ended just under two hours later with the destruction and grounding of the Emden on North Keeling Island.


The Battle
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